These are the new G+M Handmade Paper Wedding Invitations you can choose from or customize to suit your event:
Wedding invitations + Stationery + Envelopes + Save the date + Thank you cards + Seed Paper + Menus + Programs + Table numbers + Place Cards + Wedding Posters on handmade paper


original design idea for big event invitations

Wedding invitations eco with lavender

lavender chic wedding invitations 

 rustic lavender wedding 

eco vintage invitations with lavender

Square invitations boho chic bohemian invites with lavender

+ Lavender and red seal monogram wedding invitation

Invites on special paper

Vintage pink model on handmade stationary wedding

Pink color palette for wedding invitation

+ Dusty pink vintage wedding invitation

unique marriage invitations small magnolia flowers

+ Magnolia wedding invitation

Biscuit shaped wedding invitation

gourmande invites

Unique design for handmade wedding invitation

+ Biscuit shaped wedding invitation

Countryside rustic invitations

+Pastoral – Rustic wedding invitation

Wood cover wedding invitations

+ Soft wood cover wedding invitation

Chic rustic invitations wedding outside

+ Vintage “1900″ wedding invitation

book inspired wedding invitations

+ Botanical inspired wedding invitation

country wedding invitations

eco white paper invitations for dreamers

Rustic chic wedding style invitations

+ Floating flowers wedding invitation

eco green wedding invitations

home made paper invitations with watercolor illustration

+ Orange tree wedding invitation

Geometric motif for wedding invitation - rainbow colors

Paper with flower seeds wedding invitations

+ Traditional motif wedding invitation

Real flower petals in wedding design

cherry tree red flowers illustration for wedding invitation

+ Yellow flower petals and blossom watercolor wedding invitation

event invitations with seed paper for food lovers

+ The happy muffins wedding invitation

delivery wedding invitations box

Invitations with monograms

white and monogram handmade paper invitations

+White wedding invitation with monogram and seed paper

deluxe wedding invitation china blue

hand made paper wedding chic invitations

Blue motif wedding invitation

Vintage blue color invitations suited for sea side wedding

+ Blue vintage ornament wedding invitation

Rustic invitation made of wood

Wooden wedding invitation

invitation made of printed wood

+Wedding invitation on wood

country chic wedding invitations

+ Mistletoe wedding invitation

wedding invitations model

black ornaments ilustrated for wedding invitations

+ Black and white wedding invitation (Japanese motifs)

Vintage paper craft wedding invitations

+ Vintage recipe wedding invitation

Red wax seal for a castle wedding invitation

Wax seal with monogram for wedding invitations and weddings at the castle

+ Red seal wedding invitation with custom watercolor

Medieval wedding invitations

wedding at the castle invitations

Red wedding invitations

+ White and red royal wedding invitation

Vintage bohemian wedding - lavender invitations


Lavender and red seal wedding invitation rustic chic wedding

+ Lavender wedding invitation monogram